Looking to Adopt

Pregnant girls or women looking to develop an adoption plan.

A Little About Me                                                  mcapc34@yahoo.com

I consider my child rearing style to be gentle yet firm. There are certain rules I have in my house, such as respect and consideration for one another. I believe in God, and the traditions of the Catholic Church.  

I am a writer. I published my first novel a few years ago and my children’s book is currently being illustrated. I always wanted to be a writer, since I can remember, and was always writing poems and plays, and making my brother and sister and the neighborhood kids act in them. I was born and raised in New York in Nassau County. 

I studied Creative Writing and Communications in college. I was in a sorority, which was founded as a women’s support group, and my sorority sisters are some of my closest friends to this day.

Today I am in marketing, and fulfill my creative outlets with my writing and artwork. I make a good living and can provide a nice lifestyle for your baby. My family is very close and very supportive. My mother, sister and brother, as well as my cousins and aunts, all know how important it is to me to be a mother, and they are willing to help me out any way they can. My father knew it too. He passed away a little over a year ago, and I would give anything to hear his advice on this journey.

My sister and I get together on the holidays as often as possible. Every now and then she takes a ride with her daughter to see us in NY, and it is always a highlight of the season. We grew up listening to and loving Bill Joel, and when he scheduled his last play at Shea, we mustered up the cash, filled our gas tanks, and went to the show!

My brother and I live close to each other. He has three girls; I am Godmother to his youngest. I often take the two older girls on weekends to do crafting at my house, or maybe to the movies if there’s a good one playing that they want to see. The picture at right is before Halloween this year and we made a spooky Halloween cake.  Last year I hosted  Christmas dinner at my house – for the first time in a long time – and I am very excited and little nervous! My mother is going to help me make the turkey. 

My favorite thing about that day was looking around my table at my happy family, knowing I am on the path to creating my very own happy family.