Looking to Adopt

Pregnant girls or women looking to develop an adoption plan.

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I’ve been trying for several years now to get pregnant, but I realized that since being a parent is my goal, and I have always wanted to adopt, I made the decision to move forward with adoption. It’s very exciting for me to be moving forward with something that is the fulfillment of my dream. I know I will be a good mother. I know my nieces and nephew will love to have a new baby cousin!

I have a group of friends and a strong support network in them as well. Some of my friends have children, some of them are adopting, some are pregnant, and some are going through IVF.  We get together as often as possible, although my friends with children have limited times they can actually socialize. But we spend time together, long evenings on the back decks, sipping cool iced tea and laughing away the long summer nights…we reminisce a bit, but I think we all also know that we will look back just as fondly on those nights on the desk as we do about our earlier years.

I am excited to be moving forward. I hope you feel comfort in knowing that your baby will be in a loving home with a strong network of adopted children and created families.